Online Slots Including Various Reels Sets

In general the online slot games provide a single set of reels. Which means, same symbols appear on the reels spin in and out. If gamblers bet for long duration then this may feel boring, especially if that specific gambler is not winning. To avoid such situation to arise, online casino software makers have tried to fetch in some innovations.

Free spins bonuses are provided to them with an extra chance of winning. In the most online slots, some visual changes been made in free spins bonus. Commonly this is restricted to altering the color of background in signs from light to dark or vice-versa. In few video slots games, symbols and background to these reels are varied from a day sight to a night scene or a winter season to a summer season, but the spirit of the symbols rests unchanged. Microgaming online slot named Moonshine used this concept to further. In main game a lady is shown laying on a rocking chair with a double barrel gun in one hand. In free spins this lady is shown drunk and her rocking chair has grounded down. In main game a policeman is show up alert and ready. In free spins he is been tied up by hooch distillers.

Such modification of symbols does not extend to playing on a dissimilar set of reels and lessens the boredom to a limited extent only. The Playtech have launched a momentous slot game named by Kong- 8th Wonder of World. This particular video slot game contain two sets of reels in main game complicatedly linked to the main theme. In mythological story, King Kong was revealed by surveyors in jungles of the Skull Island and contained there. The leading set of reels in Kong slot game is Jungle Mode. Those reels are set in jungle. The top value symbols are trouped on the rock. The characters from movie are in explorers’ clothes. And animations show scenes from that movie from jungle part.

When King Kong is moved from jungle to the city in it, the game goes into a bonus session in Big City Mode. Now, the reels are placed in city. The top value card symbols are molded elegantly with neon signs. The same cartoons from the movie show up dressed suavely. Also the animations show scenes from the city part of movie. Though these sets of reels are dissimilar, but there is one to one communication between them.

The Rival Gaming, well-known for i-slots, has a heading A Switch in Time. This slots game has three entirely different sets of reels representing different time eras. Common symbol on the three sets is time machine that is used to go over from one age to another. First set of the reels depicts 19th century with symbols like pocket watch, gas lamp, ornate table clock and wine bottles. When the three time machine symbols appear on reels gamblers play bonus game and then go in the prehistoric era. The symbols are the caveman and the prehistoric beasts on this set of reels.

Bonus game of this time zone pretends a battle with T-rex after which gamblers move to the future. Symbols on these set of reels for future zone are the aliens, a radar communication panel and a space battleship. Bonus game session in this set of reels extracted from a robot war, which revenues gamblers to its first time period.

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