Mobile Phone Pokies

Over the last few years we have been subjected to calls to ban or limit the operation of pokies. This is now manifesting itself in the political blackmail of the Federal Government by Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie. His stance is; unless the Gillard Govt introduces pre-commitment limits on every gaming machine, he will withdraw his support from the Government, which will put Labor at risk.

Meanwhile, a much more insidious form of gambling, betting, is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, with a potential impact much greater than that of gaming machines. We have also seen massive growth of betting agencies. The latest manifestations of private legally operated betting shops started in Vanuatu and Darwin because laws in other states did not allow the establishment of such operations or pokies on mobile phones.

However, these betting shops, which allow you to wager on every conceivable competition, have no boundaries… They use events conducted anywhere in the world, and can be accessed by mobile phone or the internet from anywhere in the world. I am not opposed to their existence and use them myself from time to time to bet on the outcome of a major golf event or a horse race. What I strongly object to is the massive, ‘in your face’ promotion of the betting odds available everywhere: at AFL football matches, on TV, during games & football shows, as well as on radio and in the general media.

Such promotion or advertising is totally indiscriminate because it does not distinguish between children or adults. It suggests to children from a very young age that betting is normal, and is acceptable. Betting with these outlets can be done from your home, via the internet or from your mobile phone along with pokies and other forms of gambling. Play pokies on your mobile phone instantly with $10 absolutely free!

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