Major Millions Online Casino

Big, bright and (happy-) gay, we are a bit concerned about our Major’s obsession with money and white gloves. Tyrannical tendencies perhaps.


The main interface. A  rainbow of colour in this military themed design.

Unlike most reviewers, we don’t think this design – with its clashing homosexual and militaristic themes – works. Are the bright colours there for children or for adults? You will find that each answer will put the designer in a spot of bother. If it’s the former then advertising slot machines to kids is just plain wrong; and if it’s the latter then, the last time we saw a happy and gay multicoloured war was exactly never.

Fellow dictators Gaddafi and Mugabe in happier days (notice the use of white gloves).

And are we meant to believe that that the Major’s face is not reminiscent of a certain anatomical feature?

Curiosities abound. The soundtrack sounds either like a 1920s muffled victory parade march with a bunch of people talking near the microphone – or like a merry-go-round at some ancient fare with a bunch of people talking near the microphone.  We think maybe to keep things more up to date and relevant to the theme of this game, they could have used something like Ke$ha:


The gameplay itself is very simple, quick and fun and  that is where the main appeal lies. How easy is it to get money out of this smiling tyrant? With a payout rate of 92. 68% plus jackpot contributions you have a good chance of raiding the Major’s treasury in good time.  If that doesn’t like a good idea then you’ve got issues and hop back over to RoyalPokies. com. au.

There are 2 Major Millions games out there: The classic version has three reels, three lines and three pay lines. If you line up three wild symbols (which are the Mega Millions symbols) on the third line then you would have successfully plundered the treasury to win for yourself a lovely jackpot! Note that this is the maximum amount to be eligible for the jackpot.

The updated version – which is also the most popular version – has five reels and fifteen paylines, making the possibility of this jackpot becoming as huge as the Major’s moustache very likely. You capture the jackpot by scoring five wilds on the fifteenth line; a maximum bet again.

Both of them pay into the progressive jackpot so whichever one you choose, both help to fill the coffers.

The payout table. Note the jackpot current total. Also note the smiley plane and ineffectual tank. These guys have got no chance.

Symbols & Bonuses

The Wild symbol is the Major Millions logo. Any combination that this symbol completes triples your payout. Of course, this symbol also substitutes any other symbol besides the scatter symbol.

You might notice the Scatter symbol as it is the one that says «SCATTER» on it; however, it is exploding. If three or more of these explosive devices appear scattered throughout your reels, it’s considered a winning scatter combination.

We Reckon

Despite our stupid rant on what is obviously a cartoon theme, the fact that the jackpot seeds at 250-odd-thousand means that there’s always a hefty chunk of spoil to attain if luck swings your way, making this a worthwhile venture.

  • Powered by:  Microgaming
  • Reels:  5
  • Paylines: 15
  • Coins Range: $0. 20 to $3. 00
  • Jackpot: Progressive
  • Bonus Round:  No
  • Free Spins: No
  • Payout: 92. 68%
  • Autoplay:  Yes

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