Info on the Laws for Pokies in Australia

Punters all over Australia must always know the laws involved with any kind of gambling and that includes pokies obviously.   There is a lot of mixed information out there on this subject that we will try and wade through and inform you the best we can on this subject.

The Interactive Gambling act of 2001 caused a lot of confusion on the subject of pokies because it made the operation of online casinos illegal.  Although this only prohibited the starting of new online casinos and the ones that were already there were allowed to stay open which doesn’t make much sense does it?  This allowed the luckier casinos to clean up as they were now the monopoly in the pokies market and the only option for people looking to play online.

The act doesn’t actually prevent Australian people from gambling on the pokies or other games, just more about the operator restrictions.  There are more and more foreign casinos that pop up everyday to combat this and offer more games than ever before.

Brick and Mortar Pokie Laws

The rules for brick and mortar casinos are much more relaxed than their online counterparts.  Any type of sports betting or brick and mortar casino can operate within Australia.  The citizens are also allowed to easily play at any of these casinos that they like and this likely contributes to the fact that there are so many casinos in the country, as well as gambling being so unbelievably popular in the country.

As for what casinos are the most popular there are a few depending on what part of the country you’re in.  If you happen to be in Melbourne then check out the Crown as it is a very popular choice to play some pokies.  Also Sydney has the Star City which is another great choice.

Any casino that has pokies or other slot games is subject to the Casino control act of 2006.  This act states that they have to lay out the business a certain way.  The purpose of the act is to regulate slot and pokie games all across Australia as well as having different versions of the act for different parts of the country.

What is the Future of pokies?

The future for pokies is looking very promising.  The game is rapidly expanding and gaining popularity everyday.  Some theories that might come true for the game are:  Smart cards might come into effect.  This would mean that players must swipe the smart card into the machine in order to verify that they are ok to play and aren’t in any trouble with the law.

If you ask the average punter what they think about the laws most aren’t too concerned.  They just go with the flow and keep on playing.  There is at least one political party in Australia that wants to make the pokies illegal once and for all but we cant personally see this happening.  There would be far too much of an uproar as people really like to play pokies.  Now it’s time to play so go here.

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