Immortal Romance Overview

The main interface: gorgeous graphics, gorgeous gargoyles, and gorgeous guys and gals… until they want to suck your blood!

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Unless you’ve been sleeping in a coffin for the last several years, you’re probably aware that sexy vampires are all the rage in certain corners of popular culture. «Exquisite», would be a word one might employ to accurately depict the details of this slot machine. «Evanescence» would be a band one might think of when trying to explain the theme of this game. It is, however, «Twilight» and «True Blood», the TV series, which comes closest to what this game is all about. Were the inventors of this game trying to capture the hearts and minds of impressionable, young women we do not know, but if they were, then that would be rather, well, … nasty.

Morals aside, there is a lot to admire in this modernly gothic adventure from Microgaming. The aesthetics of this slot will grab you straight away. The designers left nothing to chance, decorating each and every element as if they were locked inside a cathedral by an art director with a curious lineage to Romanian royalty and a penchant for soft metal music.

Adding to the sonic mystique is the use of little devilish ditties every time you win something – and you tend to win a lot – one of the great things about the «243 ways to win» type of games.

If you really want to get into this game then you should know that this is a tragically gripping story of unrequited love. Sarah yearns for Michael, but Troy being a 200 year old bi-curious playboy, is perpetually loyal to Michael. Amber, Sarah’s best friend, is somehow allured to the handsome and mysterious Troy and…  if your heart just dropped a little – even just a smidgeon – then I suggest you take a good, hard look at yourself because you’re not in a good place buddy!

Back to the game…

Would we lie to you? Access the characters’ stories and payout information from the View Pays button on the lower left.


Once you’ve settled down and allowed your emotions to take a back seat, hit the big, blood-red spin button! If your speakers are on then it won’t be long till you hear the dramatic thud of the Scatter symbol or the Timothy Burton like melodies announcing a win of some kind. There are lots of little animations and pop-up screens to keep you quietly enthralled throughout the game too.

I’m not sure what I done, but this chick played with a Ouija board of some kind and gave me some magical coins and 5 free spins!

Symbols & Bonuses

The Scatter Symbol

This comes in the form of a lion headed door knob. Three to five of those and you’ll get a chance to play the multi-faceted Bonus game «Chamber of Spins» (more on that below).

The Wild Symbol

The Immortal Romance logo is the «wild» symbol which substitutes all and doubles a win. Considering the amount of detail this game has otherwise gone through, we thought the logo was a boring choice and would have rather went with something more romantic to tie in with the theme a bit better. Something, perhaps, like Sarah’s pendant:

Yes, the pendant would have been far more suitable… hanging on her chest just there… ripe, like an…eternal cherry…

But I digress.

The Fittingly «Wild Desire» Bonus Feature

Like an unexpected arousal, the Wild Desire can arise out of nowhere. Like an unsuspecting victim, it just happens randomly and it turns all five reels «wild». So it’s like an unsuspecting victim of kindness, for it can bestow up to 3, 645, 000 very kind coins in your feeble coffer! Yes,  «Stranger Than Kindness» as Nick Cave once sang in a song worthy of this game yet much, much darker!

Wild Nick: Could definitely pass for a vampire.

The «Chamber of Spins» Bonus Games

Scattering 3-5 scatter symbols anywhere on the board will give you access to the «Chamber of Spins». There are four games to play here, corresponding to the four main characters: Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah. Unfortunately, you can’t wreak havoc on their souls, but you can earn a decent amount of money which you can use to save up for your own attempt at immortality via cryogenics. Every little bit counts.

Amber is a first spin bonus game which will get you 10 free spins, x5 multiplier.

Troy (available on the 5th trigger of a bonus feature) will get you 15 free spins with a vampire bat feature where they can turn into 2x or 3x multipliers. Up to 6x multiplier can be awarded here.

Michael (available on the 10th trigger of a bonus feature) has 20 free spins with consecutive wins increasing the multiplier up to 5x.

Sarah, probably due to her study of cellular regeneration, has the highest rewards of 25 free spins and a «Wild Vines» feature transforming other symbols into wilds (available on the 15th trigger of a bonus feature), eliciting huge payoffs.

Sarah, who, by the way, is «no mere mortal», can get rather generous in her enchanted greenhouse.

Also, getting into the Chamber of Spins multiple times will unlock further bonus features.

The Immortal Jackpot

The total jackpot on offer, as mentioned above, is a non-progressive 3, 645, 000 coins – or an exasperating AU$72, 900. With that you can put yourself into cryogenics next life as well!

The many Immortal ways of winning on the Paytables.

We Reckon…

This is one of the better games going. The theme is alluring enough to keep you spinning but you may have to wait a while for the bonus games to keep your tally at a comfortable balance. Once you do though, it is completely worth it. The possibility to win enormous amounts called «Big Wins» happen often enough (for us anyway) to keep you locked in the game’s warm embrace;) 

What do you guys think about us here at Royal Pokies?  It would be great to hear from ya.  Shoot us a message over with any questions or comments.

Charmed yet?

You don’t get what you don’t desire.  Go and get your teeth stuck into it now!

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