Dragon Dance Online Pokies

For anyone who wants to bring a bit of culture into their lives, the Dragon Dance Online Pokies game is a great place to begin. This All Slots casino bonus game is a tribute to the Chinese New Year and what a tribute it is! In the background you can hear Chinese music playing and the entire scene looks like a  Chinese celebration. You’ll see drummer, dragons dancing, artists, lion costumes and more as you start to play the All Slots online pokies game and enjoy.

The game is quite easy to follow and offers a simple format. And yet, it has an exotic feel to it and it will really entice users to enjoy themselves and to feel like they are learning about another culture and people. Or if the players are Chinese then they can feel like they are part of their own precious holiday even if they can’t be in China right now.

Great Theme

The Dragon Dance is a big part of the Chinese New Year ceremony where they dance with all of these beautiful paper dragons. The dragons are huge and make for quite a presence as they perform in front of the people. This game offers a way to replicate that amazing feat and look of the dragon dance and to bring it to life for players who love playing an exciting and exotic game.

Unique Play Time

The Dragon Dance Online Pokies game is really unique in many ways. For instance, in the base game, they have a re-spins feature where, for an extra cost, you can re-spin after you’ve placed your first bet. This means that you can really tailor the game for your own needs and desires and you can actually continue to use the re-spins as many times as you want until the free spins is triggered.

Great Features

There are many features to watch for with the All Slots casino bonus game. If you get three or more of the scatter symbols you’ll have 15 free spins and these free spins can be retriggered. You can then have tripled payouts. The scatter symbol to watch for is firecrackers, as there would be many firecrackers going off during the street fair for which the game is named.

Now, as you play the All Slots casino game, you should keep your eyes out for the Golden Dragon and the White Dragon. The Golden Dragon can pay out as much as 21, 000 coins if you have five of them across consecutive reels. The White Dragon isn’t quite as grand as the golden one, but it’s still special. With the White Dragon you’ll get up to 12, 500 coins. There are many other great symbols here as well with the cute Chinese girl, the man and woman performing the fan dance and more.

Authentic Fun

It’s not every day that you can get to China to see the Dragon Dance. That’s one of the beauties of the All Slots casino game format and those at other locations. You can feel like you’re actually in China enjoying the Chinese New Year when you sign up to play a game like the Dragon Dance Online Pokies game. It’s the next best thing to being right there with everyone else in China. There is something fun here for every player and great ways to enjoy the All Slots casino bonus as you play. Transform your living room into a Chinese New Year with the game that really helps you to transport yourself to another location even if you’re sitting in your house somewhere else in the world.

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