Blackjack’s World Series

Blackjack’s world series are televised blackjack tournament series organized & created by cable network GSN. 4 tournaments are held annually in between 2004 & 2007. The event was thereafter discontinued. The WSOB was an ended even. Its players were invited to take part or to win a seat by a satellite tournament.

First session of 2004 had 25 players. Its winner was MIT’s member team which made millions in landed casinos in the earliest 1990s. His name was Mike Aponte. He received a $100000 as his prize. He was back in the second session in 2005 for defending his title. But he couldn’t make past the rounds of preliminary. The second session was won by a player named Ken Einiger, he took home the purse of $250000. From this session, the opening field was made to 40. In the 3rd session Dr. Jeff Bernstein got grand prize in 2006. The amount of the prize was $500000. The 4th session was held in 2007. It has some interesting participants. Tiffany Michelle & Shannon Elizabeth were there. Now-a-days they are making the waves in poker world seriously. The opening field was included blackjack champion celebrity Caroline Rhea, Orel Hershiser the start of the baseball & magician Penn Jillette. The previous winners Jeff Bernstein & Einiger were also among the participants. The winner of this time was Alice Walker. This winner received $500000 from a prize pool of million dollars. This winner was the earlier winner of the GSN’s million dollar.

The rules of landed blackjack casinos were followed by WSOB. But there were some interesting & unique differences. The rules that are given below are made based on the 4th session. The game took place with one six deck shoe. Every player started with the stack of $100000. This stack is thought is a cheap stack. The minimum bet for this game was $1000 & the maximum level bet was $50000. Players could be split, insure for les, double down in this game. Players could also be doubled down on different combinations according to their wishes. Surrendering was also allowed by resently giving up half of the bet. When a player was unable to make a minimum bet then she or he was totally eliminated. Blackjack paid only 3 to 2 & higher. Next, after 25 hands, player who had the most chips would declare as the winner.

There were 3 special rules which make the WSOB so exciting. Knockout card was carefully shuffled on the deck. The lowest value was then eliminated from the round. Each player got one special power chip at the starting of each game. A player could use this power chip for exchanging one of his cards in the shoe. Last rule was the rule of second chance. Every wild card game allowed 4 players who finished second in their respective tables. 5th one was sent by a draw. 5th player got 1 ticket, the 4th place holder got 2 tickets, the 3rd place holder got 3 tickets from the draw.

WSOB’s 4 seasons have been played in the land glitziest casinos. The first season was held at Mohegan Sun Casino. The second season was held in 2005 at Golden Nugget Casino of Las Vegas. Last 2 events was arranged in Vegas Strip of Hilton Hotel.

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