What is Video Poker?

Just what exactly is video poker? Simply put, it’s a game based on poker except it is played on a console, or computer. But let’s be more specific.

The basic rules of video poker are pretty easy to get the hang of – you play a certain amount of coins or tokens, and the computer gives you five cards. From these cards, you choose which to hold, which to discard, and then your discards are replaced and you get a pay-out should your hand been good enough.

Of course, there are variations. Whilst many are based on five-card draw poker, there are games that may offer a wild card as part of the rules, or that include the Joker, or have bonuses for certain cards. Basically, be sure you’re playing one that you know the rules to!

This can be a great game for those of you still learning the rules of poker – especially remembering which hands are worth what! As you’re playing against a computer, there’s no risk of being called out on a bluff, and if you have tells you’re working on losing, the computer won’t notice them. Of course, for experienced players this may lose some of the thrill and risk, but it’s great practice.